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Search engine marketing (SEM) encompasses the placement of marketing for your site and services. It includes SEO (search engine optimisation), paid search, display advertising, native marketing and other efforts which relate directly to how your site or brand appears or enjoys prominence in search, whether organic or paid.

SEM for our purposes focuses on the holistic search engine performance of your site or brand, but with a stress on how the paid perspective complements and relates to SEO, with our standing recommendation always being that a company first engages at least a baseline SEO analysis of their site and brand’s competitive landscape prior to embarking on any paid search or paid online media efforts.

Even if an in-depth SEO correction is, in the end, recommended, as is frequently the case, paid is a perfect method to augment and supplement any organic search or social efforts while they are “under construction.” And of course, none of our performance-based offerings would begin or be conducted without the benefit of in-depth analytics.

All of our processes begin with benchmarking and auditing, continue with ongoing, real-time monitoring and conclude with a full analysis (ROI if requested) of the performance of our work or campaign. When researched and refined, paid and unpaid search engine efforts can combine to be one of the most powerful aspects of online reputation management in which a company can invest.

Whether your SEM needs are for pure acquisition marketing, to aid in reputation management, or to build or augment brand awareness, we have the experience to help you succeed. Please contact us for work examples which demonstrate our past success, regardless of your specific SEM requirements.