Data management and digital properties

Make use of your data

People who do not work or are not initiated or immersed in the world of digital are often unaware of the various ways data is collected and used for targeting and marketing purposes. With laws across the world quickly changing, and the European Union implementing the strictest data usage laws yet, time is of the essence for marketers who wish to ensure their message reaches the desired audience. Email lists are invaluable in such efforts and can be uploaded to both Google-owned display platforms as well as Facebook and Twitter to create custom audiences for targeting with personalized messaging.

Data collected on your site, your Facebook page, LinkedIn company profile, your Twitter account, or via email lists is your data and by making complete use of it, you can greatly increase targeting and decrease your online marketing costs by ensuring you are not wasting money serving impressions to people who are outside of your target audience.

Also, the information provided back to you about your prospective or actual customers after the completion of targeted campaigns via the above-mentioned platforms is incredibly insightful in helping you to refine your messaging, segment your audiences and be more intentional in all of your online marketing efforts.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you find, target, grow and profit from your ideal audience, managing GDPR and first-party data changes. Please contact us for work examples that align with your specific data goals and needs.