What is P.A.I.R?

Following an in-depth discovery process to help us to understand client goals and objectives, we combine past performance traits with data and insights from our suite of advanced tools – along with human intelligence – to generate the ideal target audience or audiences.

Every audience is then scored based on a predictive index of performance. For each audience, we then work collaboratively with our client to create the ideal plan of action and budget specific to each audience.

All campaigns are then P.A.I.R. scored based on their performance with the highest scoring/performing audiences used for future audience modelling and iterations.


Data-backed strategy informs every decision we make

Keyword research, online listening, competitor and landscape analysis, target audience identification, and persona construction are the backbone of our work.

And the key to your success.

Our detailed research informs everything from the channels and distribution of spend to the content we create and serve.

Research that combines any number of data points informs our strategy, defines our tactics and helps determine how we measure success.

From conversation insights to shape messaging, to demographics and personas to hone targeting, we make use of multiple tools to ensure we are as effective and efficient as possible.