What we do

We are not here to bill hours or ensure that every practice area is given work to cover overheads. We have no full-time staff. No HR department. There is no glamorous office building with ping-pong tables and gourmet chefs.

All we have is an elite team of seasoned experts that can be assembled à la carte according to the needs of your retainer or project. Not every marketing or strategy needs design, and not every challenge can be fixed with SEM. We believe you should only pay for the specialties and tactics required to achieve your goals.

Reputation Management
We provide insights and manage your brand’s digital presence.
Search Engine Marketing
We cover all aspects of the marketing for your site and services.
Search Engine Optimization
Research, implementation, and ongoing refinement to ensure your brand is it’s most discoverable.
Online Listening & Data
Baseline online listening report for one brand or make complete use of the data collected from your site, social platforms and email lists.
Social Media
We’ll help guide your online voice through data and invaluable insights.

Talented, experienced leadership

Founder, Michelle Viar

Michelle Viar

Managing Partner & Founder

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Michelle is Managing Director of Thoroughbrand. She has spent her digital agency career in large global agencies working on brands like CVS, Unilever, and FedEx, UnderArmour, FitBit, and Pfizer, to name a few.

Chris is the strategic and digital operations leader for Thoroughbrand. He has nearly 20 years of digital marketing experience supporting large, regulated organisations with global agencies like Wunderman, as well as working with companies such as LHC Group, Luna Innovations, and Fresenius as an agency partner.


A. Chris Turner

Partner & Co-Founder

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Distributed yet connecting

Thoroughbrand operates as a distributed team with several offices at our disposal in the core areas we serve, from Tennessee and across the United States to London, Bristol or Cardiff in the United Kingdom; but no matter where you are, we are always happy to meet.

distributed digital team