Time-less: the refined and timeless executive

  • Among the highest average order value (30% spend £11-35k/year and over 7% spend £35-75k/year)
  • Difficult to find online en masse, so time of day/day of week charts for each region is important for targeting purposes
  • Largely represents the female audience/revenue that has been lost over the last three years
  • Second highest conversion rate
  • Goal is to re-attract them to the luxury retailer
  • Go on blogs, forums, Naver, Facebook, Instagram, in that order (with a large Baidu referral presence)
  • Largest motivation for purchase is self-reward
  • Not terribly inclined to talk about items post-purchase as they are too busy, and the items they buy are timeless and classic, and meant to last and work for them rather than be a trophy purchase they share or discuss for longer than a passing “great piece” type of comment
  • The will “consider” an item for linger than nay other person e.g “add to basket” and then continue browsing for other items, or comparing/evaluating before purchase, so abandoned cart targeting is extremely important for this persona
  • They spend the second greatest amount of time on the purchase itself, but are fairly dispassionate throughout the process
  • Though they have the great passion about loyalty, it is to the brands they buy rather than the retailers in which they buy them if, ie. it works they will go back to that brand again rather than exploring new ones
  • US, UK, France, Germany, Korea, Australia (and also China as browsers not yet converted)

So how did we do?

So how did we do?

Deliverables and a la carte services

One of the many things that make Thoroughbrand successful are its core programs. These include concierge deliverables and select services to clients who want expert assistance with various tasks.

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