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Manage your public perception

Online Listening works as target audience identification and persona building as well as being used in reputation management.

Reputation management have moved well beyond the definition it once conjured years ago. Today, companies – and even agencies – who once only embraced PR and traditional channels and methods of it have recognized the reality of the fast-moving online world in which we live. A company’s, brand’s or person’s reputation can be made or lost in a keystroke by an angry customer or online detractor.

Likewise, an issue you did not know was on the horizon for you or your market could materialize overnight. Keeping abreast of your reputation in the online space with tools such as online listening, and employing ongoing preventative best practices in social media, SEO and other forms of paid or placed online media can provide a buffer of protection from any potential online storm, and having those tools in place can help you to weather one should it arise.

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