Aggregate - Retail

  • 60/40 Male/Female
  • The age skews slightly older, which is a trend we have seen across all persons in the UK (and in the US), with 48% of the audience over 45 years of age, and 31% between 25 – 44
  • The audience is online Mon – Fri, peaking on Weds – Thurs, and during the hours of 8am – 5pm, but peaking at 11am – 1pm
  • Online sales are a dominant topic of the conversation, as would be expected during/post pandemic
  • Fashion retailers are the majority of the online audience, as is to be expected given their typical target audience and the adaptability of fashion retail to visual social media platforms
    • Fashion if followed by food retail and the automotive retain in terms of the size of the online conversion/audience

Targeting - Digital Contextual

  • Because this sector has diverse and diffuse interests and online habits dependent on age and retail type, contextual digital targeting is the most efficient strategy
  • This is also more prudent because it helps to avoid targeting of consumers of the various sectors, rather than the decision-makers within them
  • The BRC (British Retail Consortium) is the recognised trade association of British retailers (3k followers on FB; 18k followers on Twitter)
  • BIRA (British Independent Retailer Association) represents independent retailers and also provides many essential services for independent retailers (1.k followers on FB; 3.5k followers on Twitter)
  • These social media followers are prefect for targeting via social media “Followers of” campaigns
  • Retail-specific journals and magazines also provide excellent opportunities for reaching the correct audience, and most provide ad space and can be bought directly, or all can be targeted as a contextual pod via programmatic display
  • But all can also be targeted via a “Followers of” campaign given that they each have their own social media pages and followings

Audience research and personas

Audience research and personas

Deliverables and a la carte services

One of the many things that make Thoroughbrand successful are its core programs. These include concierge deliverables and select services to clients who want expert assistance with various tasks.

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