social media marketing

Speak to your audience

Social media is how we interact, where we find new trends and ideas, follow our favorite sports team and even keep up with the latest breaking events. But social media to people in the business of digital marketing is much more: it is an exemplary place to connect with customers and potential customers inexpensively and efficiently, and a great platform from which to glean data and garner invaluable insights that can help guide the way in which you speak to your audience.

At Thoroughbrand, we split social media into two teams and approaches, similar to the separation of paid media efforts within SEM as opposed to organic methods via SEO. Our content strategists work extensively on identifying the target audience, appropriate messaging and potential influencers for your organic social media content. We expend great effort ensuring that your social media content needs are met to whatever extent a respective client requires, whether it is full-service research, origination, planning, and execution, or merely the construction of a content calendar and guidelines for the client’s in-house team to execute.

Advertising via social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest – still, and even increasingly, provides some of the best value for money and targeting of any online service. The level of specific targeting available via available or custom audiences, coupled with the low CPM (cost per mille/1000 impressions) makes social media highly effective both in terms of results and budgets. Further, it is more often than not the case that misinformation about a brand or issue was initiated, spread and perpetuated via a social media platform. Therefore, engaging and placing messaging where the detractors communicate is a highly effective means of inserting oneself into the desired conversation.

Whether you wish to reach new audiences, activate a current one, launch a product or brand, or correct misinformation about your brand or issue, social media is one of the best and most powerful channels from which to launch your digital marketing efforts. Please contact us for examples of our work on everything from issues management to successful viral social media campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.